Born to be creative...

From the earliest time I can remember I have been sketching designs of interiors, houses and kitchens. In my teens, my summer jobs were with the local artisan interior decorator who would teach me beautiful fine finish techniques. This just fueled my passion for interiors and creativity.

Fresh from Interior Design college back in the early noughties I began work experience with a local architectural firm and I have never looked back since. Here, I was introduced to the idea that kitchens were more than just a space for cooking and were now fast becoming the main social hub of the house and a statement in personal style. This was it! I was hooked.  

Within a few years I was managing a high end kitchen company in Dublin city. Throughout the years I have sold Italian kitchens, German kitchens and of course Irish kitchens. However the end goal was to always have my own business. And, like many things throughout life, and a weird twist of fate the Dublin company that I was working for decided to close its doors. 

I was met with two options, go back and continue working for someone else or take the bull by the horns. Well, of course, those bull horns were grabbed tight and now here I am running my successful little business Catherine Kitchens by Kitchen Design Expertise. 

With my new business it is extremely important to me that I can give each client a personable service. To ensure this as a continued standard, at any one time I will only take on a handful of clients. This allows me to tailor my design service to my clients individual needs. I always felt that this was what was lacking when I was working for other large kitchen companies.  

I believe the days of large kitchen showrooms are leaving us behind. I feel with the change in the world now it is more and more important to offer an individually tailored service.

Kitchen Design by Catherine. Location Wicklow, Ireland.

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