Bellaria | Air Purifier

Enjoy pure air and beautiful design, with unique technology.

Improve the air quality in your home with the sleek and beautiful Bellaria Air Purifier. The Bellaria neutralises a range of air pollutants, filters bacteria and fungal content from the environment, neutralises odours and captures dust.

It’s also a stylish contemporary light feature made from Italian artisan Murano glass. Available here at Kitchen Design Expertise Ireland.  Price €1350 (incl. free shipping throughout Ireland).

Air Purifier for your home

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Clean Air in your home with Bellaria Air Purifier Lamp

About Bellaria

  • The Bellaria is a dual purpose air purifier and light feature
  • Uses the patented E.ion® System to purify air
  • Tests carried out by the University of Padua have shown significant reduction in bacterial and mycotic particles
  • Reduce bacterial particles by up to 85% and mycotic particles by 71%.

Clean Air for Your Home with Bellaria

During this uncertain time, the Bellaria Air Purifier offers peace of mind. You can relax knowing the air in your home is being improved by the amazing systems at work in the Bellaria Air Purifier.

The Bellaria can reduce bacterial particles by up to 85% and mycotic particles by 71%.

With a sensor that measures air quality, the Bellaria restores ionic equilibrium in the air and environment in your home and promotes physical and psychological wellbeing

Price: €1350

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** Free Shipping throughout Ireland.

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